iNeedWrestling Podcast Network


iNeed a Raw Show

iNeed a Raw Show

- LIVE at 10:30PM CT following WWE Monday Night Raw with Kyle Patin and Zach Takes. Featuring discussion on the latest episode of Raw and news from around WWE.


shotgun wrestling radioShotgun Wrestling Radio 

- On-demand at 12:00 PM CT with Zach Grigg and Zach Takes. Featuring interviews,  discussion and reviews on WWE, TNA, ROH, and much more. Follow the show: @ShotgunRadio1 &


ineed a roh showiNeed a ROH Show

- On-demand at 12:00 PM CT with Kyle Patin and Zach Grigg. Featuring discussion on the latest Ring of Honor Wrestling headlines and the latest TV and iPPV shows.


Aftershock Pro Wrestling RadioAftershock Pro Wrestling Radio

- On-demand at 12:00 PM CT with Sean Walford and Kyle Patin. Featuring the latest headlines around the industry, WWE/TNA reviews, and more. Follow the show: @ASWRadio &


iNeedWrestling Podcast Network

PPV Review

 - LIVE at 10:30PM CT after every WWE & TNA PPV with Kyle Patin, Zack Takes and/or Zach Grigg. Recapping and discussing the latest WWE and TNA PPVs and more.
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