WWE Smackdown Quick Results 4/20/12

WWE Smackdown Quick Results April 20, 2012 from London, England

* Daniel Bryan came out and cut a promo. He talked about his Extreme Rules PPV match with Sheamus. He said that he would not be distracted like he was at WrestleMania 28. He says he will beat Sheamus at the PPV. AJ interrupted to talk to Bryan about their problems. Bryan said he wishes she had never been born. He left AJ in the ring crying.

(1) Natalya defeated AJ via DQ. AJ snapped and attacked Natalya and was disqualified for ignoring the ref's count while attacking her in the corner. After the match, she broke down sobbing, and then took off backstage.

* Damien Sandow trashed the masses for being too absorbed with mundane things in this generation of knowledge. He said he would usher in a new era of knowledge and morality.

(2) Brodus Clay (w/Hornswoggle) defeated Hunico (w/Camacho). A squash match. Brodus won with a big splash. Afterward, Hornswoggle hit the tadpole splash.

* Titus O'Neil and Darren Young were shown backstage with Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis confirmed that they have been signed to Smackdown.

* Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed Randy Orton. They recapped his problems with Kane and Orton revealed that they will meet in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Extreme Rules.

(3) Titus O'Neil and Darren Young defeated The Uso Brothers. Titus got the pin after a tag team finisher that was similar to the Hart Attack Clothesline, only with Young jumping off the top rope before hitting the clothesline.

(4) Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in a non-title match. Cody Rhodes ran in and hit Show with the Beautiful Disaster kick while the referee was distracted. Show was mad and went after Cody, who escaped through the crowd. Del Rio and Ricardo are now officially on the Smackdown brand.

(5) Ryback defeated Danny Merman. Ryback won the squash with his finisher.

* William Regal and Teddy Long were shown backstage. Teddy has been dressed beefeater and isn't allowed to speak. Antiono Cesaro was with Aksana, apparently "old friends," and was introduced to John Laurinaitis, who took him inside his office to discuss a contract.

* The six-man tag main event match introductions started. Cody Rhodes attacked The Great Khali. Khali limped back to the locker room.

(6) Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and Cody Rhodes. It was going to be a handicap match, but Big Show came out to take Khali's place. Shemaus took the beatdown from the heels early on. The faces each eventually taking beatings from the heels. There were a lot of "Yes!" and "We Want Bryan" and even some "Bryan Sucks" chants. Orton hit the RKO on Henry and pinned him to win the match.
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