TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/19/12

TNA Impact Wrestling Results April 19, 2012 from Orlando, FL

* The show kicks off with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode coming out. He he's sporting a new, short hairstyle. Roode started off with some basic gloating. Roode talked about all of his wins, until he was interrupted by Mr. Anderson.

Anderson says he doesn't need a beer bottle to win. Roode tells Anderson to get back in line. Jeff Hardy then came out and limped to the ring. Hardy also wants a World Title shot. Anderson pointed out that he was there first, it should be his title shot. Roode moderated some bickering as refs came out to keep things cool.

This brought Hulk Hogan to the screen. Hogan said that he wants all the champions in the ring later, and announced a number one contender's match between Hardy and Anderson for later in the night.

(1) Bully Ray & Crimson defeated Matt Morgan & X Division champion Austin Aries. Ray picked up the win for his team with a roll-up and handful of tights on Aries.

* Garett came out out with AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and RVD to celebrate their victory in the Lethal Lockdown match at the PPV. AJ complimented Garett on his balls at Lockdown, but their celebration is interrupted by Ric Flair. From the top of the ramp Flair claims that Eric is responsible for all the talent in the ring. He called Garett a punk before calling all of them punks. Flair promised a party next week as a tribute to Eric Bischoff. He's hosting it, and he's drinking at it, and the four in the ring are not invited. AJ and Anderson sell broken up.

* Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian held a piece of paper that contains the dirt they have on Styles.

(2) Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles. Christopher Daniels and Kaz came out. Daniels had a piece of paper and encouraged Kurt to get AJ, but Kurt seemed annoyed and surprised they came out. Daniels hopped up on the apron and distracted the referee. AJ then grabbed the paper as Angle rolled him up for the win. After the match, Angle told AJ he had nothing to do with Daniels and Kaz as AJ put the paper in his tights.

* Backstage, Joseph Park ran into Gunner. Gunner tried to take off, but park informed him that there was a lawsuit pending against him. Gunner again denied knowledge of Abyss's whereabouts and he told Park to talk to Bully Ray.

* Backstage, Hulk Hogan told Rob Van Dam he's been added to the #1 contender's match later tonight.

* All of the TNA Champions (minus ODB & Eric Young) came out for their in-ring meeting with Hulk Hogan: Tag Champs Samoa Joe and Magnus, Knockouts Champ Gail Kim, TV Champ Devon, X Division Champ Austin Aries and World Champ Bobby Roode.

After Hogan came out, he announced that change is in the air, and starting next week change is coming. Once a month, Impact will be called "Open Fight Night." Basically, a talent from outside TNA will show up to have a match. There will be three judges and Hogan himself will decide if the person gets a contract or not. On open fight night, anyone can come to the ring and make a challenge, and whoever the person challenges must come to the ring to fight. Roode is pissed. Hogan told them that any champion must be ready to fight. Gail asked who decides this. Hogan decides. Hogan said he wants to hear who the fans want to see.

Devon promised to be a fighting champ. Hogan announced that from now on, the TV Title will be defended every single week. Devon was happy with the announcement. Hogan closed the segment with a statement that on Open Fight Night, everyone fights. Roode looked dismayed.

(3) Miss Tessmacher, Tara, Mickie James and Velvet Sky  defeated Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Sarita and Rosita in a 8-woman tag match. Tessmacher rolled up Gail Kim for the win.

* ODB and Eric Young were shown sunbathing by a pool with their Knockout Tag titles. A Guy walked up and Young got jealous, so he took his pants off.

(4) TV Champion Devon defeated Gunner to retain the TV Title. Devon hit a spinebuster to pick up the win.

* James Storm came out. He thanked everyone and said sorry to the crowd for losing at Lockdown. Storm talked about tucking his daughter into bed and having to tell her that he lost at the PPV. He said that Roode didn't beat him, but that he beat himself. Storm then cited the crowd for his inspiration, and thanked his dad up in Heaven, who was looking down on him, and he knows is dad is proud of him. Storm said maybe his luck has run out and he left.

(5) Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson in a three-way match to become the new number one contender to the TNA World Title. Hardy nailed Anderson with a Swanton Bomb. RVD went for the big splash on Anderson, Hardy then went for the Twist of Fate, RVD reversed it and scored the pin.
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