Show on his WWE Title win over Lesnar

Kevin Sullivan added some excerpts from his WWE Championship book on his blog with current Intercontinental Champion Big Show discussing his title win over Brock Lesnar in November of 2002.

"I remember going into it the week before, Brock had double legged me into the stairs and busted my arm up really bad. At first, they thought I might have broken it because it punctured the skin and there was a big knot there. My arm was torn up and throbbing that night. Brock was a monster at the time; nobody beat Brock. I have a lot of respect for Brock because he actually helped get my career back in line again. The fact that Brock stepped up and agreed to work with me really got my career back in line. I've been able to do a lot of great things since then. The opinion of me wasn't really high, nor did it deserve to be at that time. I had a lot to prove. There was a lot on the line and Brock gave me the chance. That was probably my most memorable championship because that was the start of me getting the whole picture and becoming a real WWE Superstar."
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