More Extreme Reunion news and notes

- The current plan for the Extreme Reunion event this Saturday is to have another 4-5 matches beyond what it is already advertised. There will be other talent debuting beyond just the former ECW stars.

- The company has been working on a number of potential surprises over the last few days, however none of those surprises are Tommy Dreamer, who's actually booked in NYC for FWE that night.

- The official name of the company behind Extreme Reunion is "Five Guys Wrestling," which consists of Shane Douglas, Cody Michaels, Kevin Kleinrock, and Steve and Michael O'Neill.

- Rhino, who was booked initially Saturday's show, pulled off. He is scheduled for the June 30 date in Philadelphia. There will be a few ECW stars who weren't booked for this event booked for the June return.

- Wolfie D of PG-13 will also not be appearing due to a personal issue he has to attend to. He's booked for the return date in June.

- There is talk of adding an event on June 29 in the Northeast as well.

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