The latest on Bagwell and his car wreck

TMZ reports that Buff Bagwell's car wreck on Monday may have been the result of a seizure caused by a change in medication. Bagwell's wife dialed 911 shortly after Buff called her while driving, saying he was about to have a seizure. She told the operator, "He's been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for a bacteria that’s in his system from another antibiotic. He's trying to cut back on pain pills, and maybe that’s what's causing [the seizure]." Bagwell's wife added that her husband has had a "seizure before from the same thing."

Another 911 caller who came to Bagwell's aid after the car wreck, claimed that Bagwell was "barely conscious" with "a lot of blood on his face." The caller also noted that no other car was involved in the wreck.

Bagwell remains in intensive care at Georgia hospital.
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