Lance Storm reviews 'Open Fight Night'

Former WWE/WCW/ECW star Lance Storm reviewed this past Thursday's TNA Impact Wrestling episode that featured the company's new 'Open Fight Night' concepts:

I think the biggest problem with last night's show was that they tried to do too much too soon and thus everything came of confusing. There are actually three different concepts in OFN, none of which were sufficiently explained and TNA needed to do several more weeks of introduction and explanation before debuting such a complicated show. This show was rushed in so fast Hulk Hogan didn't even appear to understand the concepts and he seemed to get lost in his promos explaining and often made no sense what so ever, which really damaged him as the authority figure of this company.

So let's deal with one concept at a time. The first concept is Gut Check which is where they take a non-TNA guy and give him a shot at the big leagues. The way Hogan explained it last week the new guy would wrestle someone off the TNA roster and there would be 3 judges and himself evaluating the new guy to determine if he deserved a TNA contract. So the idea here is American Idol but with wrestling. We take a nobody that wants to be a star, put him on stage, and let the judges evaluate him. My first problem with this concept is that on a wrestling show shouldn't a guy winning a match be more important than judges evaluating him? This is supposed to be a sport not a talent show. All this does is draw attention to the fact that this sport is a work. Further more if it was "you have to win to get a contract" there would be importance on all the near falls and the potential to build drama in the match. At the very least combine the 2 in that if he wins he's guaranteed a contract but there are judges to offer him advice and potentially offer him a contract if he had a good enough showing. To make matters worse they didn't even follow through on the judges, Al Snow was the only judge there, and he didn't do any judging; we were told that the judging would happen next week. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine American Idol making us wait a week after seeing the performance before we get to hear what the judges had to say? Instead of evaluating the guy when his performance is fresh in our minds and we might have an opinion to compare, we have to wait a week and hear what they have to say after we've all no doubt completely forgotten his match. I think this idea had potential but they have severely damaged it by doing it so poorly the first time out of the gate.

You can read his full review at this link.
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