Justin Credible talks ECW, Scott Hall

ECW original Justin Credible recently joined the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast and discussed a number of topics. Here are just a few highlights:

On how he ended up in ECW: "Well, take you back to 1997. I was wrestling for WWF as Aldo Montoya, as "The Portuguese Man O' War" They weren't doing anything with me and the character was a little ridiculous. They really weren't doing much. I was a young man, 23 years old, and I was like, you know what? I am really coming into my own as far as my work. And I just wanted an opportunity. I asked- I was good friends with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and all those guys, and they were having a lot of success in WCW at the time, and a lot of power- so I asked for my release early to get out 'cause I still had a couple years left on my contract with Vince, and Vince would not let me go to WCW. Obviously, It would make them look bad to see another guy jump ship, go over there with Scott and Kev, So Vince gave me a partial release and let me go to Paul, 'cause Vince was working with Paul a little bit at the time. So they let me go to ECW and the rest was history. "

On Scott Hall: "I hope I am wrong, I don't see Scott getting to that point. I unfortunately know Scott to well and I just think, you know, he is never gonna find that place. I think Scott is happiest when he is in the wrestling business and I think right now he has a real hole in his life and I think he is missing that, and I hope he finds it again, that happiness and that passion."
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