Jim Duggan talks live SD!, favorite match

Eric Cohen at Prowrestling.About.com recently interviewed WWE Legend "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Here are a few highlights:

On returning to WWE for the live 'Blast from the Past' Smackdown episode: "As an old-timer in the business, it is different to go back and take a look at it now. You can kind of appreciate the size of the WWE and the power of professional wrestling. Just all the TV trucks, the 18-wheelers, the buses, the limos, the cars, security, it is just such a huge operation. Of course, when you are younger, you kind of get caught up in the lifestyle and you don't realize exactly what's going on. Like I said in my book, I always bust the NFL guys, I'm like World Champions, you guys ever been to Japan or Australia. It's unbelievable the appeal of the WWE throughout the world."

On how the young guys treat him at indy events: "I think in general with wrestling, even on the independent circuit, the young guys are extremely respectful, almost to a fault they're too respectful. Those guys are always very congenial, even the top guys. [John] Cena, I was very impressed with Big John the first time I met him. It's different than it was in the old days. An old-timer hanging around in the old days was somebody that was in the way and someone that you wanted to get out of the way so you could move up."

On his favorite match: "I think without question, it was main eventing at Madison Square Garden with Andre the Giant. That was probably the highlight of my career. Of course, I grew up in upstate New York and I've been to the Garden as a kid many times. And being able to wrestle Andre the Giant at Madison Square Garden was just a double whammy."
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