DGUSA and EVOLVE news and notes

DGUSA/EVOLVE sent the following:

Grudge Matches Signed For EVOLVE In Charlotte On May 11th

EVOLVE will add to the rich wrestling history of Charlotte, NC on May 11th. Tickets are now on sale at www.DGUSA.tv or by calling 267-519-9744.

We already know that Fit Finlay vs. Jon Davis will finally happen in Charlotte. Now two other matches have been confirmed including a first-time-ever stipulation match.

The feud between Sami Callihan and AR Fox has raged on since last June. It will be settled on May 11th. Just signed is AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan in the first-ever Evolution's End.

This is it. Evolution's End will now be the final match in a feud in EVOLVE. The rules are simple. The win and loss count in EVOLVE Records. It will follow EVOLVE's rules in the ring. However, on the floor anything goes and each participant can plant weapons and whatever tool of destruction they want.

The cool off period between Callihan and Fox is over. Now it's time to let them finish it. Witness it on May 11th in Charlotte.

Chuck Taylor has answered the challenge of Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano. Taylor has stated he will face Gargano in a tag team match on May 11th in Charlotte. Taylor has selected Silas Young, who has a long history with Gargano in EVOLVE. Samuray Del Sol has asked Gargano if he can be his partner, since he wants another shot at Taylor. Gargano has accepted.

It will be Johnny Gargano & Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young in Charlotte. This match will not count towards the Records, but there is an interesting twist. The winning team will give Gargano or Taylor the power to pick the stipulation of their next singles match!

There are also new talent additions. Here's how the card shapes up now:

May 11th, 2012
Belltime: 8pm
Metrolina Tradeshow Expo
Building A
7100 Statesville Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28269

Please note that all tickets are reduced by $5 if you buy in advance.

Evolution's End
AR Fox (2-1) vs. Sami Callihan (3-4)

The Challenge Has Been Answered
Fit Finlay (2-0) vs. Jon Davis (1-1)

Pick Your Partner Tag Team Match
Johnny Gargano & Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor & Silas Young

Plus More To Be Signed With:
-Low Ki (2-0)
-Jigsaw (1-0)
-JUST ADDED: Alex Reynolds (1-0)
-JUST ADDED: Bobby Fish (3-4)
-JUST ADDED: Mike Cruz (0-0)
-JUST ADDED: Jake Manning (0-0)
-The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley (2-0)
-Plus many others to be announced!

Mike Cruz is regarded as the best prospect in Florida by DGUSA/EVOLVE officials. He earned this booking with a good showing vs. Ricochet at DGUSA Heat on March 29th. Alex Reynolds is coming off an impressive win at EVOLVE 11 and is starting to make his reputation. Fish needs no introduction to EVOLVE fans. An interesting thing is Fish is finally within one win of .500. We'll have info on the matches of Fish, Cruz and Reynolds in the upcoming weeks.

EVOLVE is coming to Charlotte to add to it's wrestling history with action unlike anything the city has ever seen!!! Be there and experience it live!!!

Title Match Signed For EVOLVE In Concord On May 12th

One show isn't enough for EVOLVE in North Carolina. EVOLVE will debut in Concord, NC on May 12th with the Open The Freedom Gate Champion and EVOLVE Wins Leader putting it all on the line. Tickets are now on sale in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744. Three big matches have been signed.

Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano said in his blog "Let's give some deserving wrestlers the chance they've been waiting for. Let's reward someone whose EARNED it. Pick someone who is on the brink of becoming a star, someone you think can not only take me to my limit, but possibly even beat me for that title."

DGUSA and EVOLVE officials had an early morning meeting and determined that three athletes currently scheduled for May 12th deserve this opportunity.

Jigsaw won the show stealing CHIKARA eight man tag on the very first DGUSA show. He was a driving force during DGUSA's early days and could have easily been in Gargano's spot now except for some scheduling conflicts.

AR Fox is the Style Battle winner. He is also coming off two straight victories and an incredible performance against PAC in DGUSA.

Samuray Del Sol made an immediate impact in DGUSA. He defeated Masato Yoshino in his debut and that's more than enough credentials for this kind of breakout opportunity.

It will be Jigsaw vs. AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol in the first half of the card in Concord. The winner will face Johnny Gargano for the Open The Freedom Gate Title in the 2nd half. This gives May 12th two potential show stealing main events. The result of the three-way will count towards the EVOLVE Records, but the Gargano match will not since it is a title match.

Chuck Taylor now stands alone on top of the EVOLVE Leader Board in both the Wins and Best Record categories. Sami Callihan has put in MVP caliber performances in EVOLVE, but has been in a slump when it comes to wins and losses. They are two of the top stars in DGUSA and EVOLVE. It will be Taylor vs. Callihan on May 12th.

We are also pleased to announce a partnership with Pro Wrestling EVO. This local upcoming promotion will present a Bonus Card open to all ticket holders at 7pm. Here's how the lineup shapes up:

May 12th, 2012
Belltime: 8pm
Cabarrus Arena
4751 US Highway 49 North
Concord, NC 28025

Please note that all tickets are reduced by $5 if you buy in advance.

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. winner of Three-Way Match

Three-Way Match - Winner Gets Title Match That Night
AR Fox (2-1) vs. Jigsaw (1-0) vs. Samuray Del Sol (0-1)

Bonus Main Event
EVOLVE Wins & Best Record Leader Chuck Taylor (7-3) vs. Sami Callihan (3-4)

Plus more to be signed with:
-Low Ki (2-0)
-Silas Young (3-1)
-Jon Davis (1-1)
-JUST ADDED: Alex Reynolds (1-0)
-JUST ADDED: Mike Cruz (0-0)
-JUST ADDED: Jake Manning (0-0)
-JUST ADDED: Kyle Matthews (0-1)
-The Scene of Scott Reed & Caleb Konley (2-0)
-Plus many others to be announced!

Pro Wrestling EVO bonus card at 7pm. This is open to all ticket holders.

Come experience an incredible night of pro wrestling at reasonable ticket prices including first row reserved for $30, 2nd & 3rd row reserved for $20 and GA for $15. All tickets will be $5 more expensive on the day of the show at the door. Order your tickets now at www.DGUSA.tv to save money!!!
EVOLVE 11 iPPV On Demand & Upcoming iPPV Info

2012 has been an incredible year for for iPPVs at www.WWNLive.com and it is only going to get better. Heck, even the first-ever You Shoot Live With Vince Russo is coming on June 1st.

We are currently working out if both EVOLVE 12 & 13 will be on live iPPV. We can confirm that EVOLVE 13 on May 12th in Concord will be on live iPPV at www.WWNLive.com with three pricing options. You can watch the live showing only for a discounted price of $9.99. The regular $14.99 price will remain for the live showing and on demand access so you can watch the event as many times as you want forever. For just $24.99 you will get the live showing, on demand access and the DVD of the card. EVOLVE 13 will be available for pre-order shortly. We will know this week if EVOLVE 12 on May 11th will be a live iPPV.

In the meantime, we have several incredible DGUSA and EVOLVE iPPVs you can watch anytime at WWNLive.com On Demand including last week's EVOLVE 11: Callihan vs. Finlay card.
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