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Callihan Addresses 'BOTB' Actions & Drake Younger on May 5! - While 'Best of the Best' found a winner in CZW Junior Heavyweight champion, Sami Callihan - his actions after his victory may have turned the crowd against him.

Watch the video player on to see what Callihan has to say about 'BOTB' and his May 5 opponent, Drake Younger!

Catch the 'Best of the Best XI' iPPV replay On-Demand at HybridEnt.TV!

CZW Returns in One Week for 'Wired TV' in DE! - The aftermath of 'Best of the Best' (iPPV replay available at HybridEnt.TV) comes to a head on Friday, April 27 when CZW heads to Glasgow High School, 1901 S. College Ave in Newark, DE with a 7 p.m. bell time.

Just announced:
* Greg Excellent vs. Shane Strickland
* Latin Dragon vs. Niles Young
* The Runaways vs. Young Money
* Mia Yim vs. Kimber Lee

Tickets available at Show your support on the Facebook Event Site! - On Saturday, May 5, CZW and Infinity Pro Wrestling head to Bloomington National Guard Armory, 3380 S. Walnut ST in Bloomington, IN. Infinity begins at 3 pm, with CZW at 7:30 pm.

Greg Excellent has heard enough from new CZW Wired TV champion Dave Crist. Now Excellent wants to step up and take Dave's newfound gold!

Meanwhile, former CZW Wired TV champion Jake Crist takes on the former longest reigning CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion and former "boy" of CZW owner DJ Hyde, Adam Cole.

Two 'Best of the Best' participants will collide as Alex Colon faces AR Fox!

In women's action, Mia Yim and Kimber Lee will battle it out May 5 in Indiana!

More information coming soon. Tickets available now at! Shows your support on the Facebook Event Site!

CZW 'Proving Grounds' $4.99 iPPV Comes to Philly on May 12! - For just $4.99, catch 'Proving Grounds' on iPay-Per-View as it airs LIVE from the Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanichsville RD in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 p.m. bell time!

More information coming soon. Tickets available now at! Shows your support on the Facebook Event Site!

For Media Requests, Vendor Spaces, and Sponsorship Opportunities, contact!

CZW Locker Room in HWA's Heartland Cup This Weekend!

Members of the CZW locker room will complete this weekend in Heartland Wrestling Association's 'Heartland Cup' in Hamilton, OH. Support CZW wrestlers Wired TV champion Dave Crist, Drake Younger, Alex Colon, Jake Crist, & CZW owner DJ Hyde! For more information, visit

'BOTB XI' Replay & DVD Pre-Order Available at HybridEnt.TV

Get the latest CZW merchandise and the best wrestling DVDs and On-Demand streaming from HybridEnt.TV, where you can also watch the replay of the LIVE iPPV & pre-order 'Best of the Best XI' on DVD!

BJW 'Death Match King Death' - The latest action from Japan:
* Yuichi Taniguchi, Yatsushi Ohashi, Takumi Tsukamoto vs. Shadow WX & Syu Kei Brahman
* Ruiji Tamakawa vs. The Winger
* Triangle Match: Tommy End, Michael Dante, & BLK Jeez vs. Shinobu, Yoshihito Sasaki, & Yuji Okabayashi
* Abdullah Kobayashi & Masahi Takeda vs. Kankuro Hoshino & Masato Inaba
* Takashi Sasaki vs. Shinya Ishikawa
* NOW-BJW (Ito & Sekimoto) vs. NEW-BJW (Hashimoto & Ohtani)
* Jun Kasai & Yuko Miyamoto vs. Jaki Numazawa & Isami Kodaka

CZW 'Aerial Assault' - The air was on fire from some of the best high flying action in the world, the first-ever intergender TLC match, and see what happens when a surprise challenger comes looking for the CZW World Heavyweight Title.

CZW '13th Anniversary' - The first encounter of Drake Younger (longest reigning CZW World champion) vs. Adam Cole (longest reigning CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion); an intergender TLC challenge; the controversial finish to name a #1 contender to the World Title & more!

CZW 'Super Saturday' - The day before the SuperBowl in Indianapolis, a BOTB participant is named & a surprise opponent BECOMES WORLD CHAMPION!

CZW 'Excellent Adventure' - Greg Excellent is in charge for what could be the final wrestling event in The Asylum (Former ECW) Arena!

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