(Column) WrestleMania - Jeremy Levene

WrestleMania by Jeremy Levene

WrestleMania is the culmination of an entire years build; the event where you find out if your support of the product was worth it or just in vein. Once the PPV comes off the air, you either realise what a waste of time it’s been to follow WWE or it reaffirms your reasons for watching wrestling in the first place. There are many so called ‘big shows’ throughout the year such as ‘Bound For Glory’, ‘Royal Rumble’, ‘Summerslam’ and Final Battle. However, you haven’t reached the pinnacle unless you’ve got a spot on the card for the biggest wrestling show in North America. It’s the one show in the year that means something to the casual fan. The hype, production and expectations far exceed any other show. WrestleMania transcends any promotion.

I could watch other PPV’s on delay after a couple of days, but WrestleMania is the one PPV I watch LIVE and in HD. I always baulk at people who decide to try and stream this PPV illegally as it’s the one PPV in the year that at least attempts to be value for money. I’ve actually booked in a day off work for the Monday so I can enjoy the show to its fullest. While I’m starting to get hyped for tomorrow’s show, I know that the PPV has the potential to damage my interest in wrestling altogether and sour my taste for the sport in general. Last year I was fuming halfway through the PPV during the CM Punk vs. Randy Orton match when I learned that Daniel Bryan and Sheamus were dropped from the card, while the context and outcome of Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve been disappointed with the last few WreslteMania’s, meaning a lot more pressure is placed onto this Sunday’s PPV to reaffirm my status as ‘Wrestling Fan’. At least there has been some vindication and I can finally get the chance to see Daniel Bryan’s first WrestleMania match. WrestleMania is the stage for people to live their dream. There are people who deserve to be there and one of them is Bryan. I want all guys and girls who bust their ass for years to get the chance to showcase their talents in front of 70,000+ instead of just a couple hundred. These are real moments that are never brought up but it means a lot to watch some superstars get the spot they deserve.

I prefer a WrestleMania card with a Money in the Bank match as it’s always a strong opener, but I don’t see it being too detrimental this year. There is much to look forward to, and I can’t wait to watch Punk and Jericho. I think it will be the Savage and Steamboat show stealing performance this year. I’m all set for this Sunday, I’m pumped and can’t wait for the opening PPV package and rendition of the American national anthem or version of America the Beautiful. Despite being British, Lilian Garcia’s version of America the Beautiful was the perfect start to WrestleMania 21. On WrestleMania, everything is bigger, better and fascinating. The hype can be poor yet I’ll still be sitting on the edge of my seat at the start of the PPV. I wish every PPV could have the importance and production value of WrestleMania, because it’s the one night of the year where Wrestling is my number one priority. I hope next year will be my first chance to enjoy the festivities live in the flesh. Until then, I can only hope that this year will be one of the greatest WrestleMania’s of all time, a feat that has yet to be surpassed since Mania 17. I hope you all enjoy this Sunday, can share the moment with others and witness history. If it ceased to exist, there would be a giant void. Without WrestleMania, wrestling has no meaning; we would simply lack the moments that inspire a future generation of wrestlers. We would be denied the platform to showcase the immortals.
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