(Column) Levene's PW Thoughts #26

Levene's Wrestling Thoughts #26 by Jeremy Levene

In the past week, I have experienced a multitude of emotions. I referenced in my last column that the content and outcome of WrestleMania would determine whether I’d still watch wrestling in general. After the opening World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania, I was ready to sacrifice wrestling and remove it from my TV schedule. Albeit fuelled with anger by the first hour of the PPV, the rest of the show resuscitated an almost lost wrestling fan. Almost 24 hours after I wanted to stop watching wrestling altogether, there was RAW.

In what was a mostly public reaction to the booking of Daniel Bryan, the chants from the adoring fans felt like vindication for the 18 second aberration. Once RAW had closed and I’d seen Daniel Bryan’s untelevised post dark match promo, a spark was reignited. I haven’t been this compelled to watch WWE since Money in the Bank. The ‘YES’ t-shirts have been made and I for won will be making a purchase once they are available at the WWE Euroshop. Let’s be clear in this situation, it was the fans in attendance at Miami that have kept me watching. In what I thought was an impossible task, they shared my frustrations and better yet directed a backlash of anger at the WWE… LIVE! In only my wildest dreams I could imagine that there would be an overwhelming response on RAW. Were this show taped, oh how different it could have been. DanielBryanMania swept Miami, and I hope the craze continues. I plan on making the trip to New York / New Jersey next year, and hope I will get the chance to see his first REAL WrestleMania match. Like many others, coming out of RAW I only wanted to talk about Bryan. The return of Lesnar was second news. Overall however, it was one of the best RAW’s in recent memory and served to excite me for the future product.

I’m not someone who has been watching the independent’s all my life. I’ve seen the ROH on HDNet shows from 2009-2010, a year of DVD’s, some DGUSA and 30 hours of FCW. I want not only Bryan, but every guy who busts his backside for years in front of small crowds to get a chance to do the same in front of a large audience on the grandest scale. When you work 10+ years to improve your craft and become one of the best in the world, 18 seconds doesn’t cut it. Because the backstage curtain has been opened, the type of wrestling fan has changed. We all have wrestlers we want to see succeed. In the eyes of all those at RAW last week, one of them was Daniel Bryan. Until next week, enjoy the world of wrestling; I know I will.

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