CHIKARA Results Chicago Ridge 4/28/12

CHIKARA 'Hot off the Griddle' Results April 28, 2012 from Chicago Ridge, IL.

(1) The Colony & Jigsaw defeated The Swarm & The Shard via submission. During the match, The Swarm and The Shard tried to remove the masks of The Colony and Jigsaw.

(2) Archibald Peck defeated Kobald. The referee had to show Peck how to cover Kobald.

(3) The Throwbacks defeated Batiri. Throwbacks come out with one guy in a football uniform and the other partner in a baseball uniform, they ended up arguing with each other before making up later om. Batiri looked like The Headshrinkers with facepaint.The Throwbacks win when the football wrestler nailed one of the Batiri team in the head with a football helmet.

(4) 3.0 & Spectral Envoy defeated the Bravado Brothers & Hammermeier/Donst. Hollowicked was taken out during intermission but made his return during this match.

(5) Grand Champion Eddie Kingston defeated Kevin Steen via DQ. Steen gave a low blow to Kingston right in front of the ref.

(6) Gran Akuma defeated Icarus & Taylor & Gargano. The three heels dominated Akuma for the first 5 minutes and then he made his comeback. Akuma won the match with a quick surprise cover.

(7) Sara Del Rey defeated El Generico. The crowd was chanting 'Holy poop!' for this match. Sara Del Ray wins with a piledriver.

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