Carter talks about the new Spike TV deal

The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with TNA President Dixe Carter talking about the new Spike TV deal that TNA signed recently and noted the company had interest from other networks.

“We were very fortunate to have interest from a few very good networks, but in the end it made the most sense to stay with Spike. We’re very loyal, and they have spent a lot of money and effort and time in building our brand, and the deal was right. So we made the decision to stay there.”

“When it came down to it, I just said, ‘If we’re going to do this, let’s make it simple, and let’s do it fast,’ and it happened that way. If not, we were going to need to go and do other things.

“So it was a quick negotiation.”

“We’re a unique property because we deliver the audience and the demos [demographics] two hours in primetime 52 weeks a year, and that’s almost unheard of in television with the exception of wrestling, news and morning programming. So a lot of people [TV execs] would like to have that.”
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