Bryan speaks on his 2010 release, more

* In an interview with Arda Ocal for the Baltimore Sun, WWE star Daniel Bryan said that he had informal talks with people in TNA after his WWE release back in 2010, and was not concerned about money because of the pay he was getting with NXT/Nexus.

"I honestly at the time wasn't worried about it," Bryan said. "It was a huge moment on WWE programming. Then they fire me for being what was reported on the internet for not being PG. As far as independent bookings go, there is nothing that can make me more marketable than that. [WWE] apologized and said they had sponsors they had to deal with and whatnot. And I said don't worry about me, I'm probably going to make more money this year than I did the last year when I was on NXT. I had people from Japan calling me, I had TNA people talking to me, not directly, but through other people. It was just a fascinating time for me in my career.”

* is also featuring an interview with Daniel Bryan at this link.
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