(Column) WrestleMania - Sean Walford

Why I love wrestlemania? -  by Sean Walford

With Wrestlemania literately just hours away, I thought it would be a good idea to help shorten the time frame between now and 7PM EST by releasing this little article, all about why I love this time of year.

Wrestlmania is the one time each and every year where wrestling fans alike come together and unite for just one weekend to celebrate what they love the most. People from all around the world, travel hundreds of thousands of miles to make the one show a year that matters the most.

Wrestlemania is like the season of Christmas to children, but instead for wrestling fans. Or at least that's how I feel. To me as a wrestling fan, still to this very day in 2012 it's nice that for a couple of months a year, we are guaranteed solid build for a PPV, that the promotion actually seems to give a dam about. Something you would struggle to find in a mainstream wrestling promotion in 2012.

It's definitely sad that in today's pro-wrestling, at least on TV, the majority of the time, you have to wait until a certain period of the year to actually be able to sit through a month's worth of TV that you know is going to be 75% decent. It shouldn't be like that at all, and it never used to be. But I think it's a good thing at times. It makes us appreciate the wonderful season of wrestlemania more than normal. And so we should, it's the Superbowl of sports entertainment. It's where every feud ends, and new one's start. All leading so we can spend $50.00 next year on the same show!

But on a serious note, wrestlemania is a fun season, there's a certain vibe, a certain buzz that goes with it, and when it hit's you, you know it's that time of year.

The WWF/WWE used to be the only thing that made wresltemania what it was, but the past few years it's been small helpings of the independent's that have added to the spectacular weeelnd. Promotions such as ROH, DGUSA & now even CZW are promoting shows over the weekend in the town that wrestlemania is taking place in. What I love more is the fact that thanks to the invention of the internet, and pay-per-view, some clever fella (Read with a Shamus accent) combined the two so we can watch these smaller show's all over th world also. And not have to be in attendance for mania. You can make a whole weekend of wrestling, culminating with the big one.

But onto this years show, Wrestlemania 28. In Miami Florida. It's the big one.
Cena Vs Rock.
Possibly the biggest wrestlemania we have ever had. I don't want to get into it to much as I have spoke about it on this weeks ASWRadio, with Eddie Edwards. (Which BTW You Can Find Here! Cheap Plug) I also wrote about it in my monthly column PW360. But here I want to touch on it. There's no denying it the Rock Vs John Cena is huge. It draws, it sells, it talks. All by it's self. In fact you could easily sell the show by just putting that on there with nothing else other than a poster. But then again you probably won't do the 1Million buys WWE are hoping for. But better yet. All this feud needed was a solid build. And don't get me wrong the first couple of weeks there where glimpses of gold by WWE's creative team, I was loving the Rock's joking around, let's have fun, singing, dancing, laughing type ordeal. Along with the Cena, let's be serious about this attitude stuff. I can't remember who but someone put it to me as "The Rock is doing stuff Rock fans love, and Cena's doing stuff Cena fans like." It's a stupid statement but it was working for me, it had me hooked, but as with all good thing's there's only so long you can do them for before people get bored, and that's exactly how I feel with The Rock Vs John Cena. It's been the same thing for ages now on RAW, and there's been nothing different since the first week he came back (Rock) that's made me really think "wow I really wanna buy this show based on this match alone." There really hasn't and to be honest the reason I buy maina is because it's mania. No mater how shit the build is I will always buy it, just because it's wrestlemania, but that's not a good thing at all. Because for those fans who think like me, but don't purchase like me they aren't going to be interested in buying for what should be the biggest match in the history of the WWE. There either buying for something else or they are not buying. It's that simple. It's not a good state to be in. it's worrying. But at the end of the day it's Wrestlemania baby, let's sit back, relax, and enjoy it!
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